Frequently asked questions

The mirror I have now is 15X magnification but most of your mirrors are 5X magnification….or lower. Why don’t you offer higher magnification?


Magnification of mirrors is not something that is regulated so a mirror company can say that the magnification is whatever they think will sell. We feel pretty strongly about telling the truth so you can count on us to give you a 5X magnified mirror when we tell you that is the magnification. The “other guys” regularly give you a 5X magnification wrapped up in 15X – or even 20X – packaging.

How can I tell if a mirror really is a 5X or not?


When a mirror has a higher magnification, you need to be closer to it to be in focus. For example, to see yourself in focus in a 5X mirror, you will need to be within 5″ – 7″ of the lens. To be in focus using one of our 10X mirrors, you will need to be approximately 3″ from the lens.