Jenna Reed – Customer Service and Communications; Data Entry

Jenna is the “voice” of Aptations’ as our expert in customer service and communications.  She responds when you send us an email and she is also the one who answers the phone a lot of the time.  She has an extensive knowledge about our mirrors and her years of experience working in other wholesale distribution companies is a huge value to all of us.  Jenna is the one who sends out literature, finish chips and samples.  She adapts quickly to new challenges – we’ve all had a few of those in 2020!  She quickly reasons thru the options and makes the best suggestions and choices for her customers.  We love her dedication and her resourcefulness in solving problems and sharing those solutions with you.

On the personal front, Jenna and her fiancé  are raising twin 7-year old tornadoes.  Family is the most important priority in Jenna’s life and having the schools safely open again is next on the list.  We cannot confirm it but there is a rumor floating around the office that, at one time, Jenna sang back-up for Beyonce.