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Duo Tuneable Vanity Wall Mirror

Rectangular LED lighted vanity mirror with tunable side lights Enlarge +

Discontinued but Available for Custom Order for More Than 50 Pieces


Two vertical bars of light on the sides of the Duo Tunable Light Vanity Mirror give great task lighting for any bathroom.  This mirror is perfect for anything you are doing.  Since you can adjust the light color to just the right amount of soft warm light or bright cool light that you need for perfect grooming, you can’t go wrong.  A quick wave of the hand under the lower right corner of the mirror turns it on and off.  Hold your hand under the sensor and you tune the light color to exactly where you want it.   Then the mirror remembers your last setting when you turn it off.



Size: 31.5″ X 23.7″ X 2″

31.1″  X 20.9″  Viewing Area
Tunable light color from 2,700 Kelvin to 5,800 Kelvin.  For more on Tunable light and the advantages of having it, go to our guide on How to Pick a Mirror That Will Be Perfect….for You
Motion Sensor On/Off Switch

Duo Tunable Light Vanity Mirror: 37001HW

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Special Instructions

Installation Instructions - Duo Tunable Vanity Mirror

Product Specs - Series Duo Tunable Vanity Mirror

Style: Tunable Light - 37001HW
Brand: Sergena
Descripton: Duo LED Makeup Wall Mirror with Multiple Light Colors
Frame Dimension: 31.5" X 23.7"
Mirror Weight: 14.99 pounds
Power Control: Infrared control at the bottom of the mirror
Light color: 2,700 to 5,800 Kelvin
Lumens: 344
Power source: Hardwired
Height: 31.5"
Width: 23.7"
Length: 2"
Magnification: 1X
Piece per case: 1

Product Warranty Information

Aptations, Inc., mirrors are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for three (3) years. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident after purchase, misuse, abuse, lack of reasonable care, loss of parts or installation in showers. The life of the finish will be best cared for, especially in areas of high heat and moisture, by keeping all surfaces clean and dry. LED lighting is not replaceable and is included in warranty coverage for a period of 3 years. The customer should be sure the problem is a manufacturer’s defect and covered by the warranty before initiating a warranty claim. To initiate a warranty claim, contact Aptations Customer Service for a Return Authorization (RA) number at

See below for details about our Warranty Policy. To consider before submitting a return:

  • Any alteration to merchandise automatically voids your Aptations Warranty Policy.
If your mirror was damaged during shipping or if the wrong mirror was sent to you in error, review the steps to take at Shipping Damage/Shipping Error

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