• Adjustable round double-sided 5X/1X freestanding magnified makeup mirror
    Classic Adjustable Freestanding Mirror

    Classic Adjustable Magnified Free Standing Makeup Mirror

  • Rectangular double-sided 3X/1X freestanding magnifying makeup mirror
    Rectangular Freestanding Magnified Mirror

    Rectangular Freestanding Magnified Mirror

  • Square Freestanding Mirror Brushed Nickel
    Square Freestanding Mirror – Closeout

    Single-Sided LED Square Free Standing Magnified Vanity Makeup Mirror

  • NeoClassic Rectangular Large LED Lighted Vanity mirror with blue wall glow
    NeoClassic Back-Lit Vanity Mirror

    NeoClassic LED Backlit Wall Mirror

  • Ventana rectangular LED lighted wall mirror
    Ventana Rectangular LED Lighted Wall Mirror

    Ventana LED Backlit Wall Mirror

  • Oval LED lighted vanity mirror with tunable light color
    Sol Tunable Light Vanity Mirror

    Sol LED Backlit Wall Mirror with Tunable Light

  • Square double-sided 3X/1X wall magnifying makeup mirror
    Square Magnified Makeup Mirror

    Square Magnified Makeup Mirror

  • Round double-sided 5X/1X retro wall mirror with accordion extension
    Retro Accordion Extension Magnifying Mirror

    Retro Accordion Extension Magnifying Mirror