Renovations for Quarantine-Weary Travelers

Now is the time to make renovations for the quarantine-weary travelers who want to come and stay with you.


Snow is melting, flowers are blooming, vaccines continue to rollout across the U.S. at a steady pace and we’re all tired of our quarantine surroundings.  This week marks 1-year of quarantine for me and my family of 4.  We started with building couch forts, having family meals, game night.  The kids were allowed to eat candy for breakfast because telling an independent, strong-willed 7-year old “no” was too hard.  We would stay up late and sleep ‘til noon.  We had the best intentions with our cobbled together homeschool plans.  Video meetings started with brushed hair and clean clothes but after a few months rapidly degraded into muted mics, no video, pants optional and regularly just walking away.  My husband and I tried and failed at teaching 2nd grade math and I don’t think I’m alone when I say, I’m SO over quarantine life.

I find myself yearning for travel.  Toes in sand, exploring the host city, eating in a new-to-me restaurants, having face-to-face conversations with industry friends…really just being anywhere that is not my Space.

New Travel Planning Habits

According to an article on Skift, – ‘right now travel is ongoing but mostly local & domestic.  As we head into Spring & Summer months and the vaccine has increased rollout, travel will ramp up.  Patterns will be extremely unpredictable with trips being booked on very short notice as restrictions ease.  By Q3 & Q4 of this year, leisure travel will truly escalate.  Booking behavior will still be erratic but travel will turn to some form of normality – though not yet to 2019 levels.’

Meeting Our Customers Has Changed

The way we go to market and make connections with existing and new customers has also changed.  Quarantine proved that we can adapt and many offered a hybridized solution with video meetings and presentations.  For me, they just don’t replace in-person meetings.  Plus our mirrors are just so much cooler in person!  There is something to be said about being randomly grouped in with people from all over the industry — designers, purchasing agents, architects and developers — learning about what challenges they are facing on their side of the industry or being elbow deep in peanut butter and jelly, making sandwiches for the local food bank.  You can really learn a lot about people when they are able to relax and be themselves and being able to travel and stay in hotels and resorts does that.  People want to travel, they want to see great hotels.  They want to learn about diverse communities and eat in restaurants that they don’t have back home.

So, now’s the time for renovations for quarantine weary travelers.  Now is the time to upgrade and replace those old, dated, falling apart mirrors in your property. You’ll have amenities that are not in their Space so that they can fully relax & recharge in Your Space.  If magnifying makeup or large LED vanity mirrors are something you need, reach out or send me an email to  Aptations offers many different mirror solutions with our various Aptations Mirror Collections, let me help you to find the solution for Your Space.

–Julie Logan, Hospitality Sales and General Mirror Guru at Aptations.