Sergeña Is Growing!!

With the recent release of the 2016 catalog, Aptations is adding 3 beautiful new vanity mirrors to the Sergeña collection of elegant bathroom mirrors.

  • The Round Backlit Mirror— The versatility of this perfect circle compliments the décor of any bathroom or dressing area.  This mirror has 28.3″ diameter of ample viewing area and illuminates your appearance to a tee with a touch of the on/off sensor on the face of the mirror.  Available in your choice of either warm white light or cool white light color.
  • The Neoclassic LED Vanity Mirror— Provides a perfect frame of light for your appearance, a wash of quiet blue light on the wall behind the mirror – or both – all with just the touch of the on/off sensor on the face of the mirror.  The classic design is a beautiful compliment to any bathroom or vanity area.  The main task light is available in either warm white or cool white light color.  See the video at:
  • The Duo— Two vertical bars of light on the sides of the Duo LED Vanity Mirror with Multiple Light Colors provide great task lighting for any bathroom.  This mirror is perfect for any time of day since you can adjust the light color from soft warm white light to cool white light and everything in between.  Move the light color to soft warm white if you’re preparing for a special evening in an intimate setting.  Use the bright cool light if you’re getting ready for work or shopping.  The mirror even remembers your last setting.  See the video at: