They’re Here – Magnified Makeup Mirrors with Switchable Light

We are SOOO excited because the magnified makeup mirrors with switchable light are arriving at Aptations!  Hang on…..  Let me backtrack a minute and explain why this is so exciting.

In the beginning….one of the best things for us about putting LED lighting into our makeup mirrors was the chance to play around with the light color.  In the process, we’ve seen makeup mirrors with super-cool light – are you feeling blue today?? – super-yellow light – do you feel sick today?? – and even one time we saw a mirror with green light.  Happily we have been able to strike a balance and offer our lighted mirrors with either warm white light – 3500 Kelvin – or cool white light – 5500 Kelvin.

Warm white light – 3500 Kelvin – is about the same light color that you find inside of most buildings.  It’s a bit more “warm” in that it has touches of yellow and rose coloring in the light that is output.  Cool white light – 5500 Kelvin – is the same light color as you get when you sit outside on a sunny day.  It is bright and crisp and white.  Warm white light is great to use if you’re planning on being inside and cool white light is great to groom with if you’re going to be outside.  Warm –>work.  Cool –>soccer field.  You get it.

Now, you can have a magnified makeup mirror from Aptations with both light colors.  The switch that controls the on/off function now allows you to switch between warm white light and cool white light.  Switchable!  The double-sided mirrors, with this great switchable light, are available now in Chrome and Polished Nickel.  Brushed Nickel and Matte Black are coming in October.  And the single-sided mirrors, with this great switchable light will be here in mid-August in Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

We think you’ll love them as much as we do!  Place your order today – operators are standing by to help you out!!