Choosing the Best Magnification Mirrors for Hotels

Recently, a designer asked me about choosing the best magnification mirrors for hotels and their guests.  Most successful designs give the guest the feeling of home but with luxurious amenities.



Do you Need Magnification Mirrors in Hotels?

Magnifying mirrors should be one of those amenities and in every hotel & resort.  Now, I’m not just saying this because I’ve been selling magnified mirrors for the last 10 years but as someone that has worn glasses since the 2nd grade.  Believe me, there is nothing more uncomfortable than having to crane your neck like a giraffe (or in my case a full body stretch) across the vanity to be able to see that painful eyelash poking in my eye or apply eyeliner without looking like a raccoon ~ eek!  I’ve even resorted to using the guestroom wardrobe mirror in the dimly lit hallway.  Battling the unflattering shadows of a single ceiling canister light.  Hoping that I don’t look like a Goth clown as I race off to an important business meeting.  And even if you have perfect vision, magnification allows for exacting application of lip liner or eyeliner, subtle blending of colors, flawless tweezing, and crisp shaving because let’s be honest, we ALL like to look good! 

How Does a Magnified Mirror Actually Magnify?

Magnification in mirrors comes in all different shapes and sizes.  From the small compact mirror with a 2X up to those skeptically high 15X freestanding magnified mirrors.  Do you remember back to grade school science where they described how a magnification works?  Nope!  Me either.  Thankfully I have the internet, so allow me to drop some science knowledge from Sciencing.


A magnifying mirror, otherwise known as a concave mirror, is a reflecting surface that constitutes a segment of the inner surface of a sphere. For this reason, concave mirrors are classed as spherical mirrors. When objects are positioned between the focal point of a concave mirror and the mirror’s surface, or the vertex, the images seen are “virtual”, upright and magnified. When objects are beyond the focal point of the mirror, the images seen are real images, but they are inverted†.


Simply put, the glass is bent into a bowl shape.  The deeper the bend, the higher the magnification.  The higher the magnification, the closer you have to be to see yourself in focus.


You Have Choices

When you’re choosing the best magnification mirrors for hotels, the degree of magnification is usually a matter of personal preference, with 3x or 5X magnification being most common and generally sufficient for those with average vision. Aptations offers a range of 3X-10X magnification.  Our rectangular and square style mirrors have a maximum magnification of 3X (any higher and you risk distortions in the glass).  We even offer some magnified mirrors with two sides – one non-magnified and one magnified – so your guest can have the option whenever they need it.


Whatever your client’s project size, budget or taste we’ve got you covered!


–Julie Logan, Aptations’ Hospitality Guru.  Julie works with the most innovative designers on the planet helping them bring their designs to reality.