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Magnified Non Lighted Wall Mirror
39 Years Old? No Way!

Aptations – well, actually the predecessor company Kimball & Young – began life in 1983.  That makes us 39 years old, which is the age that my mother ALWAYS said she was when asked.  Apparently, 39 was the age where sophisticated maturity met perpetual youth…..and now we are there!   In the Beginning…. Kris Kimball…

Trends from the lighting show
Trends From the Lighting Show

I recently had the chance to see some of the new trends from the lighting show after a quick trip to Dallas to Lightovation, the residential lighting trade show and market.  Since we’ve all had some time to be more creative during the pandemic, I was expecting to see some really innovative new things.  I…

Trends Impacting the Market
Top Trends Impacting the Market

With vaccines rolling out and states opening up, I was able to take advantage and get to southern California and see what trends are impacting the market.  It was a great couple of days.  There is nothing like talking to your customers and trading partners to find out what’s happening in the market.  Here’s a…

Perfect Bridesmaid or Wedding Gift
Perfect Bridesmaid or Wedding Gift

Springtime is here, which means a lot of happy people are looking for the perfect bridesmaid or wedding gift.   The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and a lot of weddings will finally be happening after being postponed during COVID.  Hitched Wedding Trend Predictions  How wonderful for all of these couples and families to be…

More famous mirrors
More Famous Mirrors

It turns out that there are even more famous mirrors that need to be discussed.  The following all involve having mirrors smashed and broken, which is something that we, at Aptations, discourage.  Let’s take a look at more famous mirrors and the mirror smashers who made them famous.   Richard II, by William Shakespeare  …

Famous Mirrors
Famous Mirrors, Part 1

There have been a large number of famous mirrors in literature, music, and movies thru the years.  Sometimes they are used as a metaphor and sometimes they are simply a mirror, reflecting back an image that is often less than flattering.  Let’s begin to take a look at some of the most famous mirrors in…

Renovation for quarantine weary travelers
Renovations for Quarantine-Weary Travelers

Now is the time to make renovations for the quarantine-weary travelers who want to come and stay with you.   Snow is melting, flowers are blooming, vaccines continue to rollout across the U.S. at a steady pace and we’re all tired of our quarantine surroundings.  This week marks 1-year of quarantine for me and my…

Best Magnifying Mirror for You
Getting the Best Magnification Mirror for You

“Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up” was the line famously delivered by Gloria Swanson.  She was playing the part of aging actress Norma Desmond, in the 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard.   The question is…..are you ready for your close-up?  What is the best magnification mirror for you?? 

My Favorite Mirror
My Favorite Mirror – Ask the Experts

We asked our controller, Laura, to tell us about her favorite mirror. My favorite Aptations mirror is… ….our Single-Sided LED Round Wall Mirror – model 944  It is one of the lighted, hardwired mirrors in our Kimball & Young collection.  This is a 5X magnified mirror, which is such a great help during makeup application….

Lessons Learned From 2020
2021 – Whew! We Made It! The Lessons (Re)Learned From 2020

When the history is written, 2020 will give us some good things and a lot more bad things but there are definitely lessons learned from 2020.  Taking a page from the great David Letterman, I want to share my list of the Top 10 Lessons Learned From 2020. 10.  Panic is real! Accept it….deal with…